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Day Trip Safety Tips and Good Car Seating Posture

July 30th, 2020

ay trips to a beauty hotspot or a nearby beach can be a great way to break up your weekly routine and spend some quality time with loved ones. With many places now open and the Summer holidays in full swing, there are plenty of fun day trips for all budgets and locations.

Here at Slime, we are always focused on safety and whether you take a short journey for a day trip or a longer road trip for a holiday, we always want to ensure you stay safe and get to where you want to be. So, we hope these tips will help you prepare for any day trip plans you have this Summer.

Emergency Breakdown Kit
A standard car breakdown assistance kit holds all essential emergency supplies you need in case you are unlucky and breakdown on your journey. The items we have suggested below will help you handle most emergencies at a moment's notice!

Posture and Seating Position

Sounds obvious, but so many people have sore backs or stiff legs after a drive, and this can largely be due to seating position. While we might not all have a Jaguar car to drive, they do have a great video that shows you the correct driving position that will alleviate pressure points so you will feel more comfortable after any drive.

Perfect driving seat position

Break Up the Journey

As well as seating position, taking a break at regular points on your journey will help - grab a coffee, go for a short walk, and stretch your legs. This will help your eyes focus on something else for a while and reduce tiredness. Never drive tired as it is so easy to fall asleep on a motorway and we always see the Highways Agency signs reminding us to do so. Always get a good night’s sleep before any journey and if you feel tired pull over and take a nap to help your eyes recover.

Safe travels!

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