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The endless debate - spare wheel versus a tyre repair kit

January 12th, 2021

A spare wheel versus a tyre repair kit is hotly debated topic that can get many drivers hot under the collar. As numerous new cars are sold without a spare tyre and second-hand cars have them removed, what the best way to get back on the road if you get flat?

Why not just have a spare wheel?

Cars these days simply don’t have the room to fit a spare wheel and if they do, they are usually a space saver (limited to 50mph and 50 miles distance).With all the equipment, electrics for newer features, space for larger batteries and just smaller cars, manufacturers have had to find an alternative solution.

Did you know that according to tyre makers around 70% of spare wheels are not fitted when a person gets a flat! This is usually because:

  • They cannot get the bolts off the wheel using a regular brace or the provided kit as they have been attached using an air gun
  • Jack has seized or wheel brace is broken or bent
  • The trye is under inflated for it to fit in the boot, or it has lost pressure over time
  • The driver is not in a safe place – side of the road, with cars whizzing by
  • The weather hampers the process – it’s dark, wet, cold, snowing etc

Why have a Puncture Repair Kit?

According to Continental a Flat Tyre Repair Kit will offer a temporary fix in about 4 out of 5 punctures – that’s not bad and takes the stress away! The good news is they also cost a fraction of the price, take up less space and can get you moving quickly when you are in a potentially dangerous situation.

The range is better than a space saver tyre (100 miles or 3 days) giving you more time to get to a safe place to make the permanent fix (especially when on a motorway). The Slime kits are tyre pressure safe, quick, and easy to use, no matter which version you choose. Tyre fitters can clean the out the Slime Sealant as it is non-toxic and non-corrosive so you can still get your tyre repaired if it is safe to do so.


At Slime we think the debate will continue and we know Flat Tyre Repair Kits are not the answer for everyone, but they do offer a quick and easy roadside solution that everyone can use making sure you get to your destination safely with the minimum of fuss! Still unsure? Why not have both and see which one you reach for first when you next get a flat!

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